Advertising, Digital Media & Production Services In Lebanon And The MENA Region

Advertising, Digital Media & Production Services In Lebanon And The MENA Region

Website Hosting Start From 10$/month

✔ Free Domain Name

✔ 5 GB Diskspace

✔ 50 GB Bandwidth

✔ Unlimited Emails

✔ Database

✔ Website Security

✔ Site Backup & Restore

✔ 99.99% Uptime

✔ 24/7 Online Support

Outdoor - Unipoles - Led Screens Advertising

We provide you widest selection of Large Outdoor Advertising options all around Lebanon depending on your business needs; our network covers all areas and offers a multitude of Outdoor options.

All panels meet the highest qualitative criteria in printing, visibility, illumination, mounting, framing and most of all, after sale service. OVER 100 Locations across Lebanon!

We place quality and innovation at the heart of our development to constantly meet our clients' needs.

Email Marketing

As well we provide complete, cost-effective email marketing solutions that will help our clients to improve their revenue and strengthen their customer relationships.

The Direct email marketing campaigns are intended to keep existing clients, and generate new ones, as well increase the level and quality of customer service yourcompany offers.

Tracking customers in a professional way is a great marketing solution that will increase eventually customer loyalty and generate repeat business.

We are committed to offer the most competitive prices and the highest quality & support!

​Each 100,000 Email contacts for 125$

Sms Advertising

10,000 SMS credits for as low as 250$ (as low as 0.0250 per SMS)

100,000 SMS credits for as low as 2,250$ (as low as 0.0225 per SMS)

Sending “SMS messages” to your subscribers’ mobile phones is one of the more successful ways of informing them of an event, promotion or special offer. Unlike any other method of advertising, the message can reach them within a few minutes and you know that it has reached every person on your target group.

Send SMS to anywhere in few seconds.

We will provide you with an integrated solution for sending SMS messages in bulk or with a web-based SMS management system which is extremely intuitive and functional way to send individualized, bulk text messages.

Graphic Design & Printing

We provide graphic design and print services and solutions.

From logos and corporate identity, to brochures, Letterhead & Envelopes, publications, cards & banners, displays and packaging, we will work closely with you to develop your corporate image & graphic design / print design strategy.

From concept design till printing delivery; 961 Portal supplies quality outcomes. Our printing shop utilizes the latest in print technology to answer the rising needs of businesses and to offer various types of better printouts.​

Website Development Services

We have assembled a talented team to work in a collaborative manner on our client projects. We build on each other's expertise, working together in teams to generate great outcomes for projects.

Choosing us is the successful way to put your business online, we will provide the best and suitable solutions for your needs at affordable prices. We’ll offer you the right online representation suitable to your needs and expectations.

Google AdWords Campaign

AdWords offers precise targeting and measurability, as well as tremendous reach; it's possible to achieve a high ROI on a large scale. Let's take a closer look at each of these factors:


One of the biggest benefits AdWords offers is the ability to precisely target users willingly based on their keywords combination inputs, as well as a number of other factors like location, language, and demographic. The result is that the user sees highly relevant ads, which they are more likely to click on. And because ads on search engines show only in response to a user's query, the user is also more likely to be further along in the buying cycle, and more likely to be ready to convert.

Return on Investment (ROI)

Online advertising is thoroughly measurable, making it easy to tell whether or not you're meeting your advertising goals. Every user's click is tied to a particular

ad, keyword, and search query, all of which you can track and decide to improve whenever you like. If you spot a trend, you can create, modify, or delete keywords, ads, and campaign targeting selections within seconds. This allows you to be more responsive and more in control when it comes to improving your ROI.


Every day, Internet users conduct millions of searches on Google. When you use Google AdWords, you have the opportunity to capture any segment of that broad worldwide audience that's actively looking for products, services, information, and websites. By giving your products or services a presence during relevant user searches, you're ensuring that you're visible in a crucial point in the customer's buying cycle -- when the user is actively searching for what you're offering.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook is the largest social media network online and it is a very efficient tool to utilize it for your business, the Facebook PPC campaign is very similar to the Google Adwords PPC but differs in the keyword strategy, Facebook rather than using keywords it uses interests, interests is great way to find the right target market.

Once again when you are ready to start with us we can work out a daily budget required and set the amount for each click so that we can reach the right numbers of people to enter your site.

One of the major benefits of Facebook is that this data is based on real interests and affinities.

While other targeted ad campaigns are based on search behavior, Facebook’s targeted campaigns are based on real data supplied by the user.

During the entire campaign - we do daily maintenance which involves: adding posts, images, promotions and descriptions of your business. We monitor the performance and adjust accordingly based on the consumer response.

In case you have any question or you need any further clarification, we’ll be happy to assist, you can reach me at the contacts info included below.

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