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You need to indulge in a little critical thinking today—not that that's hard for you! Your great mental energy helps you ask all the right questions and come up with your own ideas.


Your finances need some extra attention today, so make sure that you're in a good position to either address an ongoing crisis or shore up your fundamentals. You can do it—believe in yourself!


You need to take action with your partners to get anything done today. Make sure that you are communicating well -- that's your specialty, but people might be out of touch today.


Show someone how focused you can be—and make sure that they feel they're getting something out of it. Your energy is much better spent on other people's projects than your own for now.


You need to show your sweetie what's in your heart—or acquire a sweetie to show off to. Your amazing energy should help you spend some quality time with the right person, so make it happen!


You should do whatever you can to restrain yourself today—things may or may not go your way, but that doesn't mean that you have to roll ahead full-speed. Just take it all one step at a time!


You're feeling quite good about yourself and your people, and today's great social energy helps you express yourself clearly. It's a great time to share your deepest feelings or most complex plans.


You need to deal with an impulse that can lead in all sorts of directions—so think it all through. You may have to check in with someone who doesn't like where they're at. Show them options.


You and your people are all moving in the same direction—which could mean that you're stronger together. It's a good time for you to lead your forces and try to push things along.


You're moving really quickly today—so much so that you might start to wonder why this stuff seemed so hard just the other day! It's a good time for you to step up to make sure you're not alone.


You need to show the world that you've got what it takes to make a real difference—so expand those boundaries and make things happen! It's time for you to try something you've never tried before.


Your ability to get angry should serve you well today, so make sure that you're paying attention—and giving free rein to your emotions! It's one of those days when heads need to be rolling.


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