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You're not feeling quite as energetic as usual today -- and it seems that quite a bit of the energy you do have is taken up helping others with their own needs. There's nothing wrong with earning good karma!


This is not the time for intimacy -- you need to appeal to the broadest possible audience! It's easy given your mental energy, so make sure that you've got a tight message to deliver to the throngs.


You're not totally sure what is going on with that one friend of yours -- but now is not the time to clear things up. If anything, attempts at serious communication today are likely to lead to misunderstandings.


You are feeling quite good -- or you should be, anyway. If for some reason you are down, you need to reach out and help someone in need. That is sure to perk you up and earn you some good karma.


You need to deal with some creative issues that need creative answers -- but you need to think big! That could mean drawing on new people or finding a clever way to circumvent an obstacle, but you can do it.


Change is in the air -- you might as well embrace it! You may see new ways of doing almost anything, from brushing your teeth to filing away paperwork, so watch and learn. It all gets better!


Expect a big interruption midway through your work or chores today -- and it's one that can't be avoided. Just make sure that you've got enough time to finish up with the essentials.


Crank up your love life to a new level today -- your energy is just right for it! If you're currently single, say hi to a cute stranger. If you're partnered, go for a thoughtful present.


Now is a good time to just kick back and listen -- some good stories are sure to come your way! You might learn about a colleague's intricate love life, or sit in on a master's course in sports history.


You need to step in and lend a hand when asked today -- though it probably doesn't take much to inspire you. Your energy is outward-focused for now, so you should be able to make great progress for others.


Watch out for a tendency to be distracted today -- you need to focus on at least one project or person and see that you don't get lost in the muddle. Things should be much clearer in a few days.


Your help tips the balance between mere success and legendary accomplishment today -- so don't be shy about offering your services! Someone needs you more than they are letting on.


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