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Try to spell-check yourself even in the middle of the conversation. Don't let embarrassing spur-of-the-moment utterances keep you from making the right impression with that date or potential employer.


Try not to get involved with anything you can't back out of—for today, at least. Facts are fluid, and it's likely that you don't know all the details quite yet. Try to hold off anyone who's desperate to commit.


It's a busy day for you—but it's all good! You should have a great time showing off your multitasking capabilities and flirting it up with friends, colleagues, customers and more. Have fun!


Today's workload needs to be broken down into tiny pieces if you want to take care of it—and even then, it may feel overwhelming! Don't be ashamed to ask for help if you think you need it.


Your brainpower is boosted today, which makes it a great time to think through what's going on at work or at home. You may find that your energy is better spent solving problems than making plans.


You can react quickly today, thanks to bursts of mental energy that come through just in time. Your wits are always with you, even if you feel distracted or otherwise out of it. Have confidence!


You develop a taste for something totally new today—maybe a new kind of food, or maybe something more esoteric. It could lead you down a crazy path that nobody would ever have expected of you.


Something catches your attention early today that may raise questions or even set alarm bells ringing. You need to deal with it to the exclusion of all else, if that's possible. Call for help, too!


Your deep thinking is yielding only little bits and pieces today, but it's not for lack of brainpower. It's just that you need to get out and do things in order to get your blood pumping first.


Your mental state has achieved an unusual level of clarity today, so make the most of it by thinking about the hardest issues you face. You may come to a breakthrough if you really push it!


You need to show that your creative side is still active. Of course it is (all the time, really), but you need to make sure that your people can see the fruits of your intellectual labors.


Today's weird problems demand creative solutions. See if you can get your friends or colleagues to stand back while you hunker down and think things through—smart ideas are sure to rise to the surface!


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