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You need to kick it into overdrive today—your desire for success is chasing you down! You may find that you're better off going it alone, as others might ask questions or just get in the way.


You feel more together and better prepared for something new—or something intense. It may be a good time for that big talk with a romantic prospect or for a serious discussion at work.


Your resentment levels may start to spike later today as someone who really ought to know better starts to boss you around. Things are sure to settle down pretty soon, but you may need to say something.


Today is either a 1 or a 10—there's no room in the middle! If things start to go wrong, you may just want to call it quits and return home to hole up somewhere comfortable and wait for tomorrow to arrive.


You are feeling good about yourself—nothing wrong with that! However, you may need to ramp down the self-praise a little, as others are put off by anything that could be perceived as arrogance.


Try a little sweet romance today. If you aren't seeing someone, now is the perfect time to look around, even in the same old places. Your great energy is the ticket to meeting the right person.


You aren't really living in the past—it just feels like it! You may not be having that much fun reliving old memories and thinking about what might have been, but it's an important part of shaking it off.


Take care of your basic needs today and you are sure to find that you've got the energy to tackle your whole to-do list. Don't let yourself get too hungry, or you may start to get distracted.


You are rethinking something pretty big today—it could be a core value, or it could be a life goal. It's a good time for you to give it your all and make certain that you're making the right choice.


You've got what it takes to get through anything, even if it's hard work. Your energy levels are legendary, and you should take great satisfaction in your accomplishments today.


Limit yourself today—if you don't, someone else might! Your energy is likely to dissipate if you give yourself free rein. You don't love this phase, but things are sure to get better soon.


Take it easy today. Things are looking up, but that should be seen as a chance to relax and recharge, instead of time to regroup and launch bold new projects. That time is coming soon.


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