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You don't really need to tackle your own big business, right? See if you can lend a hand when it's needed, as the people in your life could really use your unique talents. Go for it!


Your creative side is dominant today, though you may be more interested in looking and learning than in actually making art. Visit a museum or a gallery and see what's new and inspiring out there.


Try not to get too deeply involved in anything that feels like drudgery or boring work—deal with your need for parties and good times. You need to be ready to go at a moment's notice!


Your domestic life needs a boost—so make sure that you've got some way to deal. Your mate, kids, roomies or other folks are causing stress, but you can handle them with grace and move on.


You and your mate, business partner or best friend are getting along better than ever right now, so it's a good time to recommit and make sure that you're both on the same path. Enjoy the ride!


You may feel the need for some retail therapy—but try to resist the impulse! You can't spend your troubles away, and you might even create more problems if you push things too hard.


Today is awesome, so make the most of it! Your super energy makes everything fun, and you should find that you've got the right attitude to get your people excited and ready for fun.


You should do whatever it takes to defer any big decisions today. Things are good, but they can be better, and you are sure to get some crucial information tomorrow or the next day.


You've got more time than you need to get ready for today's big event, so you can either go over it again in your mind or find some other way to make the most of this temporary bonus.


This is the best possible time to rework your resume or otherwise ensure that your job search goes well. In fact, you may want to rethink your current gig even if you absolutely love it!


That big brain of yours needs a workout—so give it one! See if you can get your people to feed you problems that need answers, or ask around at work for anyone who needs your style of assistance.


Your sweetie or best friend is making life harder for the both of you—but there's not much you can do to bring them back to reality. Just endure and things should get better tomorrow.


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