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You can lead the way to something really positive today, but only if you can find a good way to spread your ideas. You may just want to lead by example, but you can find a method that works for you.


Let that loudmouth know they're bugging you, especially if they seem to be trying to get your goat. It's easier than usual for you to stand up for yourself and for others who are meeker than you.


You've got to make sure you're dealing with the right people today, but make room for new folks, too. You're almost sure to meet someone who changes your mind about a big issue in your life.


You need to appeal to people's minds today even if that means ignoring their feelings temporarily. Just make sure your arguments are sound and that you can follow them up with action.


You're feeling a little clingy today, and there's nothing wrong with that! Just make sure that you're not holding on to something or someone that really needs to go. You can trust them this time.


Your things are in disarray, but that's how you need them for now. It's time for a major reorganization project, and a short period of chaos is a very small price to pay for that.


You need to explore your creative side more today, and yes, that is possible! Someone close is encouraging you, though they could be a bit more vocal. Maybe you need to coax some praise out of them!


You need to change things in a big way, and you need to do it fast! That's not your usual style, but you can tell it's important, and you always do what needs doing. Expect to see things differently tomorrow.


Your energy is a little off-kilter today, which means you're full of great, creative ideas! You may not be able to convince everyone to follow along just yet, but they will eventually come around.


You need to relax and let things happen today even though your plans most likely don't come across as you'd like. That just means you need to adapt or try again another day, not give up.


Your energy is driving you to do great things, so make sure that you're pushing yourself harder! It doesn't take much with the kind of energy you've got today, so believe in yourself.


Your wisdom is sharper than ever today, though it may be hard to make it heard over the competing voices out there. You don't need a soapbox. Just find the right person and have a private chat.


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