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You aren't at your best today, but you can still cope — as long as you are willing to be honest and forthright. Make sure that your people aren't being too hard on you. It's okay to ask for help.


Expect good news today — though you may have to wait for it to arrive. One of your most important people is in the process of responding to one of your requests, and you should like what you hear.


You are feeling incredibly moody today — so much so that you may bite the hand that feeds you! Try not to get too snarly when you don't get your way. Sometimes you just have to grin and bear it.


Your intuitive powers are peaking — and you feel great! Follow your nose and see where it leads you, as you might be able to get into some good trouble with someone you know and love.


You are willing to keep pushing even when others urge you to give up — and that persistence should pay off for you today! You may expect a victory nobody could have seen coming.


Things are not nearly as dark as they seem. You've got more than one friend who is willing to help — all you need to do is reach out. This situation should bring you closer together.


You need to keep an even temper today, even if things don't go the way you want them to. The odds are good that the best you can expect is a slow pace and grumpy friends, but you can improve their mood.


Big dreams mean big adventure today — even if you don't remember what you dreamed last night, you may find yourself following subliminal clues and making some pretty sweet discoveries!


You are asking all the right questions today, so don't worry if you don't get any answers you like. That takes time, and you simply need to wait until you've asked enough people.


You're totally focused on one person today — though romance might be the furthest thing from your mind! See if you can get yourself back on track and less obsessed, though it may take some time.


Your emotional side is on a rampage today — so much so that you might accidentally ruin your mood for something fun you had planned. Try to take time to just find your center and push on.


Your great energy is helping you appreciate some new music — or maybe some older music you never really understood. Open yourself up to some serious right-brain action and see where it leads!


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